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What does the first appointment involve?

The first appointment usually involves information gathering and diagnosis; checking the health of your teeth and gums, and your mouth as a whole.

There will usually be radiographs (X-rays) that are taken as needed, and if time permits, cleaning will begin.

You can discuss with your dentist any issues you may have, or any of your dental wants.

Ottawa Dentists: Dental Services in the Westboro Region

Are you afraid of the dentist? Don’t care for needles? Sedation dentistry is used for those who are anxious during a dentist visit, or for work requiring a lengthy amount of time. Imagine being able to daydream during your dentist appointment!

There’s nothing sweeter than a child’s smile – ensure your child’s smile is healthy and bright!

Keeping your teeth and easing your pain are our main goals. Treatment comes with or without I.V. sedation.

Get back form and function in your mouth! Talk to us about restoring your beautiful smile.

A restored smile is a confident smile — ask us how a dental implant can restore your smile and the function of your teeth.

Make your smile sparkle with tooth whitening, composite or porcelain veneers!

We use the latest developments in dental x-rays and technology to stop oral health issues in their tracks.

Find a Reliable Dental Clinic in Ottawa – Westboro Region

If you are looking for a qualified dentist in Ottawa, look no further than Westboro Dental! We provide a wide range of dental services; including sedation and cosmetic dentistry. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly dentists are available to meet your needs.

Why Choose Westboro Dental Clinic?

– We offer professional service and quality dentistry in a convenient location.
– We provide an extensive range of dental services.
– We offer IV or daydream Sedation through your treatment.
– We have experience working with all age groups.
– Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.
– Our staff is friendly and professional.
– We provide comprehensive post-op instructions.

We Offer Future-Facing Dental Care in Ottawa

For dental care that is well-performed by a thoughtful staff, consider Westboro Dental Clinic. We strive to offer the best service to our patients and community. You can count on our considerate, helpful and friendly team of professionals for the finest service possible that helps to take care of your smile long into the future.


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